By: Kailah Lee

I’m always sad around my birthday (2/26) but maybe it’s because it’s occurs around the time same the earth’s final season dies off.

February is the last month of winter, but also a time where life was formed in death — a beginning to an another end, so I guess emotion follows when life’s cycles align with the psychological effect that growing older and looking back has on me.

March is usually different. It’s a new month. It’s supposed to be a time where I start fresh, but it didn’t exactly happen that way. …

A blank-verse poem of how pain becomes habbit

By: Kailah Lee

Tiny Buddha, “Copinng with the pain and loneliness after a breakup,” Becky Potter.

Our love was luxurious with an indigo tinge. Vibrant like the Ursa Minor’s Polaris, Naïve and playful like kids playing grown-up.

Long days were compensated with miles of smiles and late-night laughs.

Our energy exchanged like paint splatters on a canvas

So effortless,

abstract and chaotically divine.

However, like the canvas’ flat face, you were a living surface. Skin deep, hiding behind cocoas and butters and leaving me, accepting my senses and your true intentions.

The outer hues I confused were inner blues and blacks

and you only appeared…

By: Kailah Lee

DRAKE, TM/Bauer-Griffin, Wireimage

At the stroke of midnight March 5., the scary hours began when Canadian-born rapper Drake announced via Twitter that his newest project Scary Hour 2 is out.

If you haven’t heard before now, it’s official. Drake recently dropped Scary Hours 2, the follow-up to 2018’s Scary Hours which included “God’s Plan” and “Diplomatic Immunity.”

Scary Hours 2 is comprised of three lyric-heavy songs: “What’s next,” a solo track; “Wants and Needs,” featuring Lil baby; and “Lemon Pepper Freestyle,” featuring Ross Ross.

The three-track project is obviously not as lengthy as a 20-song studio project, but it came…

Martin Luther King Jr. was more than an activist, legend, or public figure. He was a walking representation of change. With courage and passion, one man with a single voice made a difference in the world.

So many people hold their tongues on small issues because of fear, but King stood up for injustice while jeopardizing his life. Fear is disabling, but it is also an optional mindset.

King was as his last name describes him, a king. Simply put, he was noble — noble enough to be a color in a black and white world.

Different from Malcolm X…

A Fictitious Yet All Too Familiar Tale

By: Kailah Lee

My mother slowly and uncomfortably chewed her food until the sound of her chewing gradually faded into silence.

Her slouched shoulders shifted toward me, a husky girl and about 9 years old.

She glanced at my round pie face, watching as my cheeks jumped to every chew and in disdainful grimace observed how my swollen wrists routinely grabbed food from the plate.

Dinner was our treat, or at least it used to be that way. Overtime it became a staring contest with a single contestant who would often suggest I take it easy.

The swinging of my…

Kailah Lee

Welcome to my world of words. I’m a passionate journalist from RVA, attending HU’ and I enjoy exploring voice and the art of expression through story telling.

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