My Random Thoughts About Martin Luther King JR.

Martin Luther King Jr. was more than an activist, legend, or public figure. He was a walking representation of change. With courage and passion, one man with a single voice made a difference in the world.

So many people hold their tongues on small issues because of fear, but King stood up for injustice while jeopardizing his life. Fear is disabling, but it is also an optional mindset.

King was as his last name describes him, a king. Simply put, he was noble — noble enough to be a color in a black and white world.

Different from Malcolm X who served a powerful and reputable purpose in our history just as much as Martin Luther King did, King took the more peaceful approach to protest. King showed people that you can truly make a difference without violence. People of color — especially Black and African American people are angry. When the world seems to be collapsing around us, anger feels like the only solution to break the barriers . But keeping one’s composure is key. Our oppressors want to see us come out of our composure. They want to see us prove their misconceptions to be true. We Just cannot give them that satisfaction.

So often, people within black community are portrayed as thugs and or as animals and he, being a preacher and a well-rounded man, was nothing of the sort. He was intelligent, trustworthy, and representative.

King being just one man, touched millions of souls and is still touching them to this day. If that is not amazing, then I do not know what is. So, to me king is a role model in all aspects of life — and not a role model in what is limited to my phenotype. He teaches more than how to deal with issues that come with living in our skin. He teaches us that one can be heard without being loud. You can be strong mentally just as much as you can be physically.

With courage and faith, you can do anything. A single man helped a lot of people — even some not of color, discover values and virtues in life. Imagine the potential in furthering black progression if more people thought and acted like King. That is how a man can earn a national holiday. He moved people and shifted a societal norm. And he did it all by defying all prejudices, stereotypes, and negative associations. That is powerful.